Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 4: A Photo with my Roommates

Meet my amazing roommates, Katie, Carolyn and Rachel. These girls were some of the best roommates I've ever had (right next to my roommates on my first CP). I couldn't have asked for better girls to live with for 4 and a half months. Carolyn has the gift of making amazing coffee, Katie's tag lines like "SICK" could always make me laugh, and Rachel was always so upbeat and happy. Did you know Rachel is a Music Education major? Yea, when I first found out I thought it was a good pick for her too. :) 

I had some great memories with these girls. Our attempt at "4 parks, one day" on Carolyn's birthday, touring the Haunted Mansion at 7am, and having our computer dates in the living room. We could go days without seeing each other awake because of our crazy work schedules, but when we were together we always had a blast. I am so lucky to have met them and I can't wait to see them all again soon!


  1. You're the greatest, the whole amazing experience would never have been the same without you!!

  2. Carolyn, I just realized our blog names are almost the same!! Woahhhh freaky!!