Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 1: A Pre-Disney Photo

This photo was taken in Savannah, GA just days before my check-in at Disney. At this very moment I was feeling some of the greatest stress I've ever experienced. Some of you have heard the story of what happened to my truck on the drive down to Florida. In Clarksville, TN my transmission went out, my mom and I left my truck to be fixed and headed off to Savannah in a rental car. We were determined to finish our planned road trip and stay as positive as possible. At times I questioned if this was all going to be worth it or if I should just turn around and go back home. I have never been so angry, stressed, worried and emotional. But I kept telling myself, "this is just God testing you to see how much you want this."

Ironically, the statue in this photo is Johnny Mercer, a singer of the popular song "Zip-a-dee-do-da"  featured in the Disney film Song of the South.
It is with no doubt I can safely say now that all of the stress, tears and large credit card charge for a new transmission, was worth it


  1. Thank God you had your Mom with you and her Nemo Credit card - What a woman!

  2. of course it was worth it!! :-)