Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 13: A Photo at EPCOT

I couldn't just pick one photo to represent all the trips taken to EPCOT so here are 2 of my favorites:
This photo was taken in Mexico with my 2 biffles, Bree and Christiana. I was excited to take Christiana to EPCOT because she hadn't been able to go very much during the program. We had so much fun running around the park with our graduation ears on. Christiana even got her first picture with Mickey!

I was lucky enough to have my family visit while I was living in Florida. My mom, dad and brother spent 8 days in Orlando and I got to take them to all 4 Disney parks. EPCOT is my favorite park so I was especially excited to bring them there. They hadn't been to Disney since 2006 so there were a few new attractions they got to experience. There will be more EPCOT stories to come!

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  1. Who's the hottie in the red shirt? Oh, that's Kyle.